5 Fonts You Would Love To Try For Your Next Design On Canva

What are Fonts?

Just as we have different lettering styles while writing, the same applies to designs. Font basically refers to lettering styles and they are a whole lot of them.

Why Fonts?

Aside from Imagery, the fonts direct the line of thoughts of a design for the audience. There is a strong relationship between how your audience interprets your content based on the kinds of fonts you use. While, there are several font styles to explore, it is important to ensure legibility and right format (such as bold, italics or underline) when working on your designs. For this posts, we are only to share knowledge on 5 fonts relevant to Canva Users that they can use for their designs.

5 Fonts You Can Try.

No1 Font
League Spartan

No2 Font
Pushkin Three

No3 Font

No5 Font

No5 Font
Waffle Slab

While the focused of this post is a bit restricted to 5 Fonts on Canva, it is necessary to inform you that there are several options to explore when it comes to Font Selection. However, the font you select should be based on the concept behind the content you want to share with your audience.

In general, fonts are generally classified into the following categories:

  • Serif Fonts: Serif fonts have their origins in the Latin alphabet and are suitable for Corporate Audiences.
  • Slab Serif Fonts: These are the bolder and chunkier versions of the serif fonts and are used for headings or call-out sections of designs.
  • Sans serif fonts: Suitable for web fonts and for subtitles of content.
  • Script Fonts: Stylish fonts that look decorative like Brittany. They could be cursive or look calligraphic also. 
  • Display Fonts: Fonts with basic effects that look more like 3D effects 
  • Handwritten Fonts: These look like signature fonts. Very close to our handwritten letter formats and suitable for sparking an emotional connection with the audience just like hand-written texts.

We will encourage you to keep trying out as many fonts as possible in your designs and stick to set of fonts to ensure uniformity and excellent representation of your business and brand.

Top 10 Websites To Get Inspiration For Font Selections

When it comes to fonts, there are millions of options you can work with. However, as a bonus for reading this post to this point.  I have collated the top 10 websites that might be relevant when trying to select fonts. These sites have different functions such as downloading several fonts, identifying fonts from images and a lot more. The first 5 website are for Fonts Downloads while the last 5 are for identifying fonts from Images.

  9. DEMZI

I am positive that you have learnt a lot from this post. I will appreciate your feedback in the comment section of the post to encourage me to do more relatable contents. If you have any questions or concerns, kindly share in the comment section also.

Please feel free to share our posts. Thank you.

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