Why This is for you

We offer banner advertisement on our platforms to help our clients grow their reach and connect with more customers for as low as the rate of N250/day. Please, it is important to note that you can share your ads as an image or gifs only based on the dimension of your interest. Furthermore, in order to get amazing returns on your investment, we encourage and offer only monthly packages even though we calculate our pricing to a daily rate (using the average of 30 days per month). Your ads will be published on 5 of our posts and we will share the URL with you and the traffic generated on the posts with you after a month. Thank you for trusting us with your Online Advertisements.

ADS dimension available

Square/Box ADs

  1. Small Square – 200×200
  2. Large Square – 250×250
  3. Inline Rectangle – 250×250
  4. Large Rectangle – 336×280 250×250

Vertical Banner Ads


Horizontal Banner Ads

  1. Banner – 468×60
  2. Leaderboard Banner – 728×90
  3. Large Leaderboard – 970×90

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