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Yes, I’ve helped 100s of smart individuals like you from over 10 different states, I mean total strangers, to make their 1st 50k,100k,200k,500k And More… AND if you need help earning your first 100k online without capital:

I Can Help You Too

If and only if you’re willing to WORK HARD, follow SIMPLE instructions and take MASSIVE ACTION by simply using your smart phone or PC!!

Like these our students with the testimonies below…

Before digesting all the knowledge in this post and working your way to becoming a successful business owner, here is what I have for you for a start.

I will help you generate leads and work your leads for you (Normal Price- N20,000) FREE

I will guarantee, you get 20 people in your first month, or your next month (Normal Price – N10,000) FREE

I will also provide all the best practices from other business like yours to enhance your productivity (Normal Price- N45,000) FREE

I will provide daily sales coaching for you – FREE

I will share tested scripts about Affiliate Marketing and Business to boost your knowledge and help you succeed – FREE

I will share tested price points and offers to swipe and deploy on your business.

I will share sales recordings of other successful Affiliates on how they got to the top, for you to replicate and get the same results.

And everything else you will need to fulfill your customers’ wants.

I will give you the entire play book for Affiliate Marketing, Absolutely Free just for becoming a client.

Total 75k worth of information to kickstart your online business.

But that is not all.

In a nutshell, I am feeding people into your business, showing you, exactly how to sell to them so that you can get the higest prices, which means that you make the most money possible. Sound Fair Enough


Yes, I repeat… You don’t have to be a writer, an author, or a computer guru to do this.

But more importantly, I know you will like to see how other regular people like YOU are able to use this very same system to earn $500-$5,000+ per month without any prior experience or technical knowledge?

My name is Evor Philip. I am a full-time digital publisher internet marketer and business owner.

I understand if you have not heard about me. But just know that I am not a “gooroo”. I am just a normal being like you who is passionate about helping people come out of financial struggles and embarrassments.

Because I have been there too.

In the past 8 years, I’ve gone from a broke as kid, evicted by my former landlord because I could not pay my rent – ZERO digital marketing experience – and ZERO making money online experience – and now live in a great apartment, living a good life, generating hundreds of Naira every week just by selling other people’s product, and making over 50% in commission per sales, doing all this just with my phone.

And if you care at all to know, I have trained more than hundreds of students online, who are now following this same footsteps to make their own money online just by following simple instructions with their phone.

So you have a better chance of succeeding with my humble self. (Not trying to brag about it, but hey, not gonna lie I feel very proud of my achievements and the exploits our students are making 😎).

My students words about me

“Before I had huge success I struggled…

Bought tons of courses and trainings on how to make money in the digital space.

Attended dozens of webinars, seminars and masterminds…

Watched 100s of hours of YouTube videos, burnt enough data and money in the process.

I saw little to no results… 😞

And then I decided to take a different approach.

It was time to throw everything those “gooroos” said out the window..

And instead of listening to all the buzz out there,

I started testing everything myself.

I started to see a common pattern

I followed this discovery, did my research, created and published a very simple 20 page book which am only going to share with you when you become my student.

And this is when everything took off…🚀

This is when I hit my first 392k that very same month.

Felt like magic!!

I started making money online, then I was like if I can make such an amount of money within that period, then there is more to this.!! They said money likes speed, I decided to up my game and double up.

I was able to do this with just a PURE ORGANIC SYSTEM!!!

(I will show you how if you make it to the class)

WAIT!!! How Does This side hustle work?

I would assume you already know how it works.


Permit me to briefly explain to you how it works and how you too can make money from it

But to the uninitiated, you might not know what affiliate marketing is or how it works.

Or you might have heard of it or gone on Google, but then there is lots of misleading info out there.

So, to explain affiliate marketing in its simplest & easiest format, let me give you an example.

Have you ever been to an open market and while looking around, someone approaches you to ask what you want to buy?

He then claims he has what you are looking for and proceeds to take you to his ‘shop’.

But when you get there, something surprising happens to you…

Another person attends to you.

It appears the guy who brought you to the shop was just the middleman.

And this is what he does every day bringing different people to these shops to buy things.

And he’ll get paid a commission – a percentage of the price of the product you purchased.

Maybe 1,000 or 5,000 or 500 or whatever depending on how much what you’re buying is.

Of course, you won’t know about this commission payment because it happens after you’ve left.

And this is to reward and encourage him to bring more customers.

And this is how it happens in every big open market around – Alaba, Computer Village, Balogun market and so on.

That’s just affiliate marketing in its basic form.

This is the same thing as agents helping landlords find tenants, and then getting paid an “agency fee”.

Same with Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and a host of other companies.

But hold on.

Remember I told you we made all of this money from our respective bedrooms, in our pyjamas, using just our phones.

And that’s because affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be for physical products alone.

It also works online.

And it can be in the form of clicking a link or, downloading a file, filling a survey or signing up to a website, or even buying something.

As long as a prospect or customer takes a desired action, the affiliate gets paid or rewarded.

And every party in this transaction benefits in the sense that;

The customer gets the product easily

The company sells more of its product easily by having thousands of affiliates doing the sales & marketing job for them without the company needing to spend money on adverts.

And you the Affiliate/Middle man, you get paid easily.

So as an affiliate, you make money without even needing to have your product or service.

And you can do this from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home, office, etc.

The cool thing is all these are digital.

There’s no need for physical transportation of goods or services so you don’t have to worry about logistic issues or customer service, etc.

Your job is to simply connect buyer to seller, and you know the best part?

You do it every day!

From the comfort of your bedroom.

In your pyjamas – just like me and my friends.

And this is what a lot of people are making anywhere from N20,000 – N500,000 daily, weekly, or monthly…

And unlike other online businesses where you need to spend lots of money running ads, I did this without knowing how to run a single ad on Facebook, Instagram or Google.

If you’ve read this far, or you’re among the initiated, you already know affiliate marketing is done online, which means most of your audience will be reached via the internet.

And Facebook and Google have 97% of the traffic on the internet.

This means if you’ll be successful as an affiliate, in the long run, you’ll have to know how to run ads on these platforms.

However, if this will make you feel better, when I started I didn’t know about Facebook or Instagram ads, talkless of what all these terms meant…

As I write this, I’m still learning Facebook and Google ads

But I didn’t allow my lack of knowledge to stop me from making over $20k in one year.

Even though I knew absolutely nothing about making money online.

But probably, you don’t even believe me right now…this was Caleb and Chigozie when they started.

And how much they have been making so far with the business.

And not just two of them, but many of those who’ve followed what I shared on my WhatsApp support group have made well over Millions of Naira.

If you’ve been initiated as an affiliate marketer already, I know this should interest you.

Because this is the most interesting part of this letter and I’ll need you to pay close attention to what I’ll be saying over the next couple of minutes.

Because if you want increased sales.

More money.

More customers.

More word-of-mouth marketing.

More success in business.

Well, I did all of that.

And I did it using FREE Traffic.

The other is starting to post on any of your social media channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. and hoping somebody buys.

To even do this, you’d have to take weeks or even months to study;

The algorithm

How to craft viral content

How to stand out in your niche, drive followers bla bla bla.

But all these are long-term results all tied to a word I don’t particularly like – HOPE.

You could try to run ads immediately, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it will be throwing money down a toilet and flushing it.

You don’t have that kind of time.

You don’t have that kind of money to throw away either.

Plus, if you’re going to spend your time & money trying to boost your business by boosting traffic,

I’m sure you’d want the result of your time & money spent to generate immediate and also long-term results.

Or don’t you?

You see, I’ve had conversations with thousands of affiliates and when you ask them to tell you why they aren’t able to drive in more traffic, make more sales, or build their list size.

They all give either of these five reasons:

The economy (Nobody has money in Nigeria, which is a fallacy)

The price (Lol, people borrow money to buy iPhones and play Bet9ja, so this isn’t valid)

The product (Some young Nigerian ladies bought tickets to go and see Kupe boys when they came to Nigeria. Google who Kupe boys are.)

The territory (All of us can’t move to America, but what about the Nigerians making millions every week, they get two heads?)

And then the last…

Not knowing what to do as regards sales and marketing.

But do you know what most customers say when you ask them why they didn’t buy a particular product?

“The price was too high?”


“I don’t need the product for now?”


“I’m on a budget?”


Of course, some said this.

But what most said was either

“I don’t trust the person selling the product”


“I don’t trust the product”


“I don’t like the person selling the product” even though nothing might be wrong with the product and it works.

This proves one thing…

The hardest thing to engineer in the marketplace is trust.

So, how did I make people on Twitter (where I made most of my sales) believe me?

How did I make people from Twitter who are some of the hardest people to convince believe me?

How can you overcome this and make people trust you enough to buy from you in a blink of an eye?

Through a concept I call Trust Engineering.

You will learn this when you become my student

It’s one of the ways you can make people like & trust you in the shortest time possible and even beg you to take their money.

Yes, I regularly have people begging me to take their money so they can be a part of my mentorship group.

Mentoring that isn’t even cheap in the slightest.

And the beauty of trust engineering is you can take the idea and apply it anywhere.

Doesn’t matter what platform because they all work the same way.

And to be successful as an affiliate marketer, you must be aware of the things you do and say that push people away and make them not trust you quickly.

And WhatsApp is one of the places you can capitalize on, to make people know, like, and trust you..

And to be successful as an affiliate marketer, you must be aware of the things you do and say that push people away and make them not trust you quickly.

And WhatsApp is one of the places you can capitalize on, to make people know, like, and trust you..

He’s one of the biggest affiliate marketers in Nigeria at the moment.

And let’s say my goal was to build a business that could generate 10million naira in 1 year as fast as possible…

I Wouldn’t try ANYTHING Complicated

Instead, I would focus 100% of my time, energy, and whatever money I had… on ONE thing.

A list.

But a list not built on just running massive ads with expensive budgets or paying absurd amounts on autoresponders.

But a list built by using trust engineering and my free traffic strategies.

And here’s why:

I get hundreds of questions on my Support group daily.

Hundreds of those questions are complaints:

“How do I make sales?”

“Lots of people are seeing my ads, but none of them are buying?”

“I’ve spent money on my autoresponder but nothing is working. What should I do?”

“Where do I get traffic from and how exactly do I get traffic from there?”

“I have people who know me who see my posts but don’t respond, what should I do?”

I would spend hours upon hours answering these questions one by one.

In a group with over 2000 people.

And while answering these questions, it hit me…

There should be others who are dealing with similar problems.

People wasting money and time left and right with no tangible results to show.

And trust me, I get it…

I’ve seen so many people in that spot before.

I’ve been in that same spot before.

And I’ve helped them as well as myself to come out of that black hole.

And while coming out, we came out with millions.

With exactly the same things I did and taught them how to do too.

And looking at everything we did, a lot of what I was teaching these guys helped them skip over a lot of rookie and newcomer affiliates.

It took them straight into higher-level strategies for driving massive traffic for free and selling to them.

Something very few people are doing or even know how to do.

I think this is getting too long, we are almost coming to the end of this intro.

After you’ve gone through this life changing opportunity, you’ll not only be knowledgeable about Affiliate marketing, you’ll have a clear r

road map of how much you can make from affiliate marketing and how to go about it.

Step by Step.

This blueprint would be me leading you by the hand and telling you what you may not like to hear.

Yes, I’ll be telling you what you’ve been doing that’s not working and how to change it.

I’ll be showing you what works for me and how it can work for you too.

Also, I currently have a community of over 2000 smart affiliates who are learning from me and doing great… far from the “miserable spot” they were used to.

And this documented blueprint is the exact system I use…

They use…

We all use…

And you will use too, to make your first N500,000 ($1000), N2.5m ($5000) and N5m ($10,000) depending on how hungry and ready you are.

For the sake of Time, here are some bonuses you will get when you become one of my favorite students.


Monthly group live sessions where we assess our progress, support each other and have interactive Question and Answer sessions. This is where I’ll provide a simple, clearly actionable solution for everyone’s benefit. You will be able to connect and meet with other top affiliates.

You can figure out how to do better and be encouraged by me and others.

You’ll also be in the fortunate position to benefit from the expertise and experience of your peers, in addition to hearing from me on a regular basis…so you can benefit from our cumulative experience, as well as a unique viewpoint on marketing and prosperity in difficult times.


Monetizing your social media: You’ll learn how to make your social media milk money literally, and stop spending so much of your hard-earned money on chatting idly. Using only ONE of my free traffic strategies could get you up and over $1,000/Month with ease using your social media channels. You simply pick the one that sounds the best to YOU.

(Value: N40,500, but you are getting it for free)

I’m not going to lie and say this blueprint will make you a billionaire.

But what I’m about to share with you saved my life.

And the lives of thousands of other young broke guys and ladies.

And I’m certain it will put in your hands the keys to a life of freedom.

Freedom to live life the way you truly desire.

Starting from your first $2000 made online from the comfort of your bedroom… in your pyjamas… with just your phone.

Well, this letter has become a little long.

And that’s something for which I apologize.

I just want you to be conscious of what you’re getting.

Hopefully, everything here is crystal clear.

Because in reality, I’m taking you by the hand and we’re building your very own N10M/year business together.

And I’ll be there every step of the way

And I’ll be there every step of the way

Someone to keep an eye on you every day to make sure you’re doing all you’re supposed to be doing.

Until when you can step back and be proud of what you’ve created.

But time is of the essence though.

Because I made up my mind to help just 1000 people make their first 1M online starting with affiliate marketing.

Finally get access to the class for FREE while you still can.


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