Are you considering buying any fashion products such as shoes, shirts, gowns, jewelries, wristwatches etc? Or you want to buy processed food products such as Beverages, bean flour etc? Connect with Potential Sellers with pocket-friendly prices who are eager to give an amazing customer experience.

Payment Means

Order works on devices.

You can order via 2 means:

1. Cash on Delivery – The seller will connect with you on the transactional terms.

2. Paystack (Online Payment) – Recommended for digital products such as e-books, training access.

Connect with the seller

Have you ever gotten a doubt in your heart while trying to order online and you wish you can get more confirmation from the seller? I guess your answer is YES!

Our E-cart is designed in a way that you can connect with the seller at a click. For every product, you can connect with the seller by pressing the link button attached to the product and you can take your conversation further.

Are you interested in listing your products: Physical products (like shoes, shirts, cakes, phones, laptops etc.) or Digital Products (like E-books, E-Courses etc.), kindly send a mail to business@e-concept.org stating the type of products you want to list, your location and necessary details for listing or you can make you of the form below.

Why you should list your products with us?

We have an outstanding system that help you connect you with your prospects at relative Pocket Friendly Price. Our system is efficient and it adds professionalism to how you render services to your clients. You have an opportunity to reach about 300,000 visitors that visit our website on monthly basis. We will provide with support that will enable your products to rank higher in the listing grid and will help you to connect with your potential clients.

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