Character Study – Bezaleel and Aholihab

It is important to note that while Moses was taken through all the marvelous structure, the children of Israel are to build, they look quite cumbersome. Even in this present age, if we read in details about the construction, it is obvious so much details are parts of the requirements for building the marvelous edifice.

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Bezaleel and Aholihab: men of integrity

Truly, God recommended them to Moses but they still proved that they are men after God’s heart.

Brethren, can God trust you?

Can you be a good caretaker for God’s people resources?

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Bezaleel and Aholihab (The Introduction)

God is still in the business of showing himself to us. We always think he is far away, he is hidden only in four walls of churches. But daily, every now and then God is orchestrating an event to reveal Himself to us. Are we ready to meet Him?

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This mysterious energy had been within the universe for billions of years. One of the greatest scientists, Michael Faraday

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